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Now that we’ve got the hang of making videos (well, sort of) we thought it was only right to make a Christmas video. We didn’t want to make just any old Christmas video though, we wanted it to be up there with the supermarkets…a video that would make you laugh and cry, and get you in the festive spirit of course!

So here it is, our first ever Christmas video. We are so proud of it and we hope you love it as much as we do.

This video took two days to shoot (it was cold), we had pasties for dinner (obviously) and we all had great fun. The amount of work and effort that everyone put in to the video is incredible and we are so grateful.

Special thanks to:

Sitcom Soldiers – Video production

Emilia @officialemiliax – Vocals on “Jingle Bells”

Horwich Community Choir, Musical Director – Rachel Hughes – Choir on “Jingle Bells”

Joseph Noblett Christmas Trees

Jill @ The Last Drop Gallery

The Last drop Village

Ruth @ the House

The wonderful cast:

Daisy Burrows – Daisy

Sarah England – Mum

Keith French – Dad

Eileen Kinsey – Neighbour

James Rimmer – Brother

Keith o’Hara – Grandad

Liam Carr – Man in the shop

Derek Melling – Uncle

Sherrie Hamilton – Auntie

Song arrangement by Sitcom Soldiers Film Company Film Production – Sitcom Soldiers Film Company

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