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You might have noticed that our website has had a little bit of a makeover…

We’ve been working on how we can improve our website for a while. We loved the branding and the overall look and feel of the website, but we just felt that our customers were not getting what they needed from our site. It didn’t include all of the information customers needed and it wasn’t fully optimised for mobile – and we’re all on mobiles nowadays!

So, we decided to change our website to make it more user friendly. We amended all the content to ensure it’s clear and helpful and organised our pages as we wanted every thing you needed to be easier to find on the site. Photos are a key part of our website so we went down to the studio to get some new photos of our products, and we also had a photographer take some new photos of our lovely staff and our fab shops. (Thanks to Shoot The Moon and David Lake for our fantastic new images).

Our trade page has everything you need to know about becoming one of our business partners, while our events page has all you need to know about placing an order with us for an event that you’re having. Then of course we’ve still got plenty of information on Carrs Pasties shops, people and news.

We hope you love our new website as much as we do – but if there’s anything else you would like to see on there please let us know in the comments as we want to make it the best possible website for our customers.

8th June 2017
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