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As you may have heard, we have made the very difficult decision to close our business for the foreseeable future (we never thought we’d have to say that Carrs Pasties are closing!). We’ve tried our very best to remain open for as long as we can so that we can serve the community of Bolton, but we know that closing is truly the best decision for our staff, our customers and their friends and families.

This means that our shops, office and bakery will all be closed, we will not be able to take any orders via our phone lines or on social media until we reopen again.

We are so proud of all our Carrs Pasties staff for the way they have pulled together over the last few weeks, without them we wouldn’t have been able to provide pasties to as many people as we did. Throughout this time we have stuck by our values by doing the right thing, filling everything with pride and working as a family. We hope that we’ve managed to help at least some of you stock up your freezers or made your day a little bit better with one of our pasties.

The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone, we’ve all had to change and adapt quickly, and it has been full of uncertainty. We just want to say a massive thank you to all of you for your continued support and understanding with all the decisions we have chosen to make at Carrs Pasties.

We’ll be back as soon as it’s safe for us to reopen (we’ll be craving a pasty just as much as you are!), but in the meantime, please stay at home and look after each other.

We’ll see you soon.

We know lots of you still want to enjoy pasties over the festive period, whether it’s for a buffet on Christmas Eve or as a snack on Christmas Day while you’re watching all the festive TV specials, so we try to make sure our opening times allow you to stock up on your pasties. If you would like to place an order for collection please call us on 01204 387 117.

Carrs Pasties Christmas opening times 2019
Our opening times over the festive period

We hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and New Year!

Now that we’ve got the hang of making videos (well, sort of) we thought it was only right to make a Christmas video. We didn’t want to make just any old Christmas video though, we wanted it to be up there with the supermarkets…a video that would make you laugh and cry, and get you in the festive spirit of course!

So here it is, our first ever Christmas video. We are so proud of it and we hope you love it as much as we do.

This video took two days to shoot (it was cold), we had pasties for dinner (obviously) and we all had great fun. The amount of work and effort that everyone put in to the video is incredible and we are so grateful.

Special thanks to:

Sitcom Soldiers – Video production

Emilia @officialemiliax – Vocals on “Jingle Bells”

Horwich Community Choir, Musical Director – Rachel Hughes – Choir on “Jingle Bells”

Joseph Noblett Christmas Trees

Jill @ The Last Drop Gallery

The Last drop Village

Ruth @ the House

The wonderful cast:

Daisy Burrows – Daisy

Sarah England – Mum

Keith French – Dad

Eileen Kinsey – Neighbour

James Rimmer – Brother

Keith o’Hara – Grandad

Liam Carr – Man in the shop

Derek Melling – Uncle

Sherrie Hamilton – Auntie

Song arrangement by Sitcom Soldiers Film Company Film Production – Sitcom Soldiers Film Company

It’s not something that we were planning to do… but it’s something that you asked for. Carrs Vegan Range is happening.

Now we know that all the meat-eaters will be thinking “oh no, not another company jumping on the vegan bandwagon”, so we decided that if we were going to jump on the bandwagon, we were definitely going to make it the best vegan product you’ve ever eaten.

We’re launching a vegan pasty and a vegan sausage roll. We’ve worked with British company Meatless Farm to create two meat-free products using a plant-based meat alternative that still tastes delicious. The vegan pasty is based on our meat & potato pasty and is wrapped in our traditional shortcrust pastry while our vegan sausage roll is made with our delicious puff pastry so both products still have our famous taste and texture- but without the meat.

We asked you all what new products you wanted us to add to our range and to our surprise the most popular response was a vegan option. With the vegan food market booming, we knew that it would be difficult to create a product that stood out from the competition, but we made countless batches and we finally found two products that we loved enough to sell in our shops. If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.

Our vegan products aren’t just for vegans, they are for anyone who enjoys eating meat but wants to reduce their meat consumption to help the environment, or for anyone who just wants to be a little healthier. Or, maybe you just want to try them out of curiosity!

Both products will be available to buy at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival and at all three of our shops from Friday 23rd August.

We would love to know what you think about our new vegan products so please let us know if you have any feedback – and if you’re not a vegan, try them and see what you think!

As always, our video was made by the brilliant film company – Sitcom Soldiers

It’s bank holiday which (hopefully) means lots of fun in the sun! If you’re worried about getting hold of a pasty then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our opening times for bank holiday on Monday 27th May.

The Bakery Shop, Manchester Road – Closed

The Market Place Shop, Corporation St – Closed

The Original Shop, Halliwell Road – 10am – 1pm

If you would like to place an order to collect on bank holiday Monday from our shop on Halliwell Road please call us on 01204 387 117.

Have a great long weekend!

23rd May 2019

On Tuesday 14th May 2019 we had the absolute pleasure of featuring on BBC Breakfast.

When the opportunity came up it was something that we couldn’t turn down – we couldn’t believe that the BBC wanted to speak to us about our little family bakery in Bolton – but it seems that Bolton is taking over the world!

So, how did we get the opportunity?

We’ve been working with The Growth Company and Be The Business, a mentoring program that buddies up small businesses with bosses of industry giants. We were partnered with Andrew, the managing director of Siemens. He has helped us realise our potential by implementing small changes in our business to improve productivity. It’s been great to see how small changes can make such a huge difference.

The UK’s productivity figures were released on this day and so the BBC wanted to speak to a company that has increased their productivity – our friends at Be The Business mentioned us and of course, we were honoured to have been asked!

BBC Breakfast at Carrs Pasties
The BBC Breakfast team in our bakery with Matt Carr, Joe Carr and James from Be The Business


What happens on the day?

Well, it’s a very early start (we arrived at 4.30am) as everyone needs to prep and be on-board with the plan. It’s all a bit nerve-wracking too (especially when you find out that over 1 million people were watching!) we were live during different segments between 6am – 9am and the BBC team were on-time, efficient and enjoyable to work with – everything ran smoothly.

BBC Breakfast interviewing Matt
BBC Breakfast interviewing Matt


Did anyone watch us?

The response we had was fantastic, we couldn’t believe so many people took the time to tune in to the show to see what we had to say, and they were proud to say they knew us. It’s an experience we are grateful for and something that we will never forget.

Thank you to Be The Business, the Growth Company and BBC Breakfast for choosing us to be a part of this, and thank you to everyone watched and supported us – we loved every minute.


22nd May 2019

In 2018 we celebrated our 80th anniversary and to celebrate we had this very special video made by our talented friends at Sitcom Soldiers.

The video starts in 1938 and follows the history of Bolton, showing how much the town has changed over the years but how our pasties have stayed the same. Same recipe, same size, same taste. We loved working on this video and seeing all of the history in Bolton throughout the years and we hope you love it too. We wanted it to bring back memories of Bolton that you shared with families and friends over the last 80 years.

So, here it is…

We also need to say a massive thank you to the following people who helped with the video:

Halliwell Local History Society

Bolton Wanderers Football Club 

Bernard Wrigley for the fantastic script and voice over

Dinnington Colliery Band 

Bolton News 

Octagon Theatre 

If you have any memories of Carrs Pasties or the places in the video please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

Christmas has come around so quickly this year, but don’t worry you’ve still got some time to get your pasty orders in!

Our opening times are listed below for you and if you would like to place an order please call us on 01204 387 117 and we can get you scheduled in.

Here’s some info you may need to know before placing an order:

  • We do not offer a delivery service on Sundays or on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, however you can still collect.
  • Please place any orders for Christmas Eve by Saturday 22/12/18.
  • We are very busy over the Christmas period and so we require payment before you collect your order. This speeds up the process and means you don’t have to deal with any payment on the day.
  • We’ll need to know what time you’re eating your pasties so we know whether to do them cold or fresh from the oven for you.
  • You can get packs of frozen products from any of our three shops in town.

Our Christmas and New Year Opening Times
Our Christmas and New Year Opening Times


We hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and New Year! 

On Saturday 1st December 2018 we will be shutting the doors at our shop on Bolton Market for the final time.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but after lots of discussions we’ve decided that it’s the right thing to do for the company and our staff. From the very first day we opened in 1995, we have had 23 brilliant years on the market and we’ve loved getting to know all our customers and fellow stall holders – we’ve had a lot of laughs along the way.

We’ll be sad to see the shop go, the market had a fantastic atmosphere and we loved being a part of it for so long. The staff at the shop will be moved to other shops or departments in the company where we can make the most of their skills. They’ve done a brilliant job at the shop and we can’t thank them enough.

The closure of the Market Shop will allow us to develop other areas of the business and although it is sad that we are closing, it is the best decision for the company. We are very excited at what the future holds.

Shop manager, Margaret said: “I must admit when I was asked to leave the bakery after many years to work in the Market Shop I was a little apprehensive. However, the move turned out to be a wonderful experience, and I have worked in the Market Shop for 23 years. It has never felt like work. During this time, I have had the pleasure of meeting many great people who have become friends. From the market traders, to regular customers and all the staff throughout the years, including all the Saturday staff. I will be sad to leave the market and all my friends there, but I am looking forward to new challenges.” 

Market Shop staff with a customer
Market Shop staff with a customer

Ann, who worked at the Market Shop for 20 years with Margaret and now manages our Market Place shop, said: “Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m looking forward to seeing our Ashburner Street customers over at our Market Place shop.

I’ve had 20 very happy years on the Market. Watched babies grow into young adults. Made a lot of good friends and knew our regular customers by name. It has been a privilege to serve to the good people of Bolton, love you all. Keep smiling.”

The shop will shut at 5pm on Saturday 1st December. Customers who regularly get their pasties from the Market Shop can still get fresh and frozen pasties from the Market Place shop on Corporation Street outside the Market Place Shopping Centre, which is around a 10-minute walk and now has seating outside. Our Original Shop on Halliwell Road and our Bakery Shop on Manchester Road will remain open. The closure of the Market Shop enables us to open our Bakery Shop until 7pm from Monday – Friday.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our loyal customers who have shopped with us on the market over the years, we’ve had an absolute blast.

This is the third time that we’ve taken part in the festival and every year it just gets better and better. Our stall has grown each time that we’ve done the food festival and this year we had our own brilliant tent on Victoria Square.

We had two new festival products to launch this year. Our festival pasty was made with our finest steak, Port O’Call Ale from Bolton’s very own Bank Top Brewery and Smithy mushrooms, while our festival sausage roll was made with our sausage meat and mixed with delicious black pudding from The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company.

Fantastic entertainment at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2018
Fantastic entertainment at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2018


Here’s what the Bolton Food and Drink Festival taught us about Bolton this year…

  1. The Rain Does Not Bother Bolton

After months of hot weather, the rain decided to come out for this year’s festival. It was absolutely pouring with rain on the Sunday, our tills were getting wet, our staff were wet, our customers were soaking, but the people of Bolton were still out in full force to celebrate the festival – complete with umbrellas and rain ponchos.


Carrs Pasties at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2018
Carrs Pasties at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2018


2. Bolton Loves a Pasty

There are so many delicious options on offer at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival – cakes, noodles, sausages, burgers… and so we are always so amazed that people still come to our stall for a pasty.

  1. Beers and Pasties Go Really Well Together

It was the second time that we took part in the Beer and Pasty Tasting Event and this year the celebrity chef was Ainsley Harriott. We included three different pasties in the box as well as our festival sausage roll and a special Chinese style whist pie. Beer sommelier Annabel Smith paired the beers (supplied by Aldi) with our products and they all went down a treat.

Beer and Pasty Tasting event 2018
Beer and Pasty Tasting event 2018


4. Black pudding Sausage Roll

This year we launched our festival sausage roll, something completely different to what we’ve done before, but it was a hit with everyone. Even those who wouldn’t normally eat black pudding enjoyed the black pudding sausage roll. Our steak, ale and mushroom pasty also went down very well. It was a different take on our famous steak pasty and it was great to work with two local companies on our festival products.

Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2018 was a blast. As always, the entertainment was brilliant and even during the wet weather the atmosphere was fantastic. Bolton really is great.

What was your favourite part of the festival? Let us know in the comments below.

10th September 2018
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